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SCP-953 and 999 Report preview
Addendum SCP-999-X: The following is a report from an experiment in which we dwell into SCP-999’s abilities by driving one’s thoughts from fears. We have tricked SCP-953 into partaking into the experiment. It’s also worth noting that SCP-953 has been in her human form for quite a while, while keeping her ears and tails. SCP-999 would adore this creature and would gladly life her spirits.
Dr. ??????: So, this fox girl has been surrounded by these dog cages. She has a vast fear of such animals and she has been living in this nightmare for an hour now, being paranoid and, for a lack of better word, saddened and feared for such a long time. Being the animal lover you are, shall you uplift her spirits before we can free her?
999: (Determined gurgles)
Dr. ??????: Great, I’ll lead to where she is right now.
:iconkarasu-96:Karasu-96 4 2
The SCP Wiki fucking sucks. [RANT]
Oh fucking boy. The SCP Wiki. One of the most cancerous websites I've ever been on. I've had a great idea for an SCP, and yet people think it's the worst. Why do they even have joke SCPs? And why do they accept the other fucking SCPs? Here's my SCP, go ahead and give it a positive rating, if you will.:
I've always wanted to express my creativity on the SCP Wiki. I did all I could. I wouldn't use a drawing for this SCP because I am shit at it, and I wanted to use an image from Google Images. So I used the image in the little thing, and I even gave CREDIT. That's right, I GAVE FUCKING CREDIT. And yet, they think the image is fucking shit and the idea is shit. WELL WHY EVEN GIVE IT A NEGATIVE RATING WHEN IT'S MY FIRST TRY!? I'M AUTISTIC, FOR FUCK'S SAKE! I DON'T KNOW ANY BETTER, AND I TRIED MY FUCKING HARDEST! They need to learn to accept other people's creativity. THEY DON'T EVEN GIVE PROPER CRITICISM! Let me quote some of the fucking
:iconflapjack-blackjack:Flapjack-Blackjack 2 10
Awesomebro Hit List
Here are the current awesomebros on the loose on DA. Hit me up if I've missed any.
:iconsekley:Sekley 4 91



So I've watched two seasons of Black Mirror, all the while waiting for it to get good. It doesn't. This show is SO PRETENTIOUS and somehow is fooling everyone into thinking it's philosophical or clever. Sorry. It's not. It's entirely on the nose, has zero subtlety or nuance, and makes its point like "society is desensitized to violence" right from the beginning, leaving us stuck to watch another 30+ minutes of the show beating the shit out of a VERY dead horse. Somehow, everyone is supporting it like a byproduct of liking it makes them enlightened or intelligent, when in reality it's quite the opposite. 

Unless the point of the show is super meta, showing society how fucking stupid it really is for being tricked into thinking that this show is somehow interesting or thoughtful, then it's just a terrible show going for shock value in the most mundane, predictable and disingenuous way possible.


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